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What makenshi_snake does on Minecraft, plus a few bits from select others

Minecon 2012 28 November 2012


Ladies and gentleman, the Con is over. It’s the Wednesday after and I’m still trying to recover from some brutal post-con depression and wishing, fervently, that I could whisk myself all the way back to Disneyland and experience it all over again.
If you missed out on attending this year, I feel bad for you, son. I missed out on the 2011 edition and was thoroughly disappointed, but this year seemed to be bigger and better by all accounts.


I had the pleasure of sitting in on a number of fantastic panels, including the FyreUK guys (who had a short segment with Hat Films!), some members of the Mindcrack Server team as well as witnessing interviews with Jeb, Notch and Captain Sparklez.


(Picture sourced from mineconparis.tumblr.com)

We got to see the debut of Captain Sparklez’s latest music video – which, naturally, was a rip off of the increasingly popular Gangnam Style (revamped to be Minecraft Style, obviously). We saw the release of SlamaCow’s newest video and got to see the whole Mojang team pulling together to bring us the best event they could. Notch poured a bunch of his own money into making the convention amazing and I think he succeeded.
There were very few issues I had, though nothing can be perfect and there were a few moments where some stronger organisational skills would have helped everything run a little smoother. Most notably, the .party() ticket line. Mojang asked everybody wishing the attend the “secret” party to RSVP in order to get a ticket. When Notch announced that Skrillex would be playing at said party, they received an overwhelming response as people pounded their keyboards in ferocious desire to get themselves in that room. This led to the team having to rethink the entire process, ending up with us forming an orderly queue outside the convention on Day 2, the first 250 of us getting a shiny new wristband to get us into the venue.


The main issue with this, is that we missed out on some awesome panels in the morning because we had to spend an hour queueing. In fact, queues were the main issue altogether. The line for the Jinx booth was constantly gigantic and, thus, many of us opted not to bother. We’d have missed out on so many things if we’d tried to buy anything there.
The interviews were a lot of fun. Almost every panel and interview incorporated a Q&A session towards the tail end (some panels were exclusively Q&A), which provided an interesting insight into the inner workings of many a Mojansta and panelist mind. Unfortunately, it also meant sitting through a variety of children asking redundant things that have been answered a hundred times over, but you have to bite the biscuit on that sort of thing. The convention certainly opened my eyes to the volume and variety of people playing this game. Many of them are children, which just highlights the need for mindfulness, particularly when playing on servers. You’re probably surrounded by at least ten or so minors under the age of 12.


There were so many fun things about Minecon, including a costume competition at the very end where the winner took home an Ultrabook from Intel. Personally, I think there were better costumes up there that should have taken the prize, but the winner looked very surprised by the revelation herself, so certainly a grateful ending.


Oh, the party. Right. Can I say awesome loudly enough for you?


There was a bit of confusion to start. A drained Inquisitor777 and myself were unconscious in our hotel room for a few hours, preparing for a party due to go on into the very early hours of the next morning. We woke up a tad late and found ourselves sprinting back and forth between massive Disney hotels as staff sent us on wild goose chases to locate the last shuttles that would ferry us into the heart of Paris.


Eventually, we boarded the final shuttle and arrived at the shiny, flasy, tad-fiery venue. We had a fantastic time, which can be said for the entire convention. Absolutely amazing, one of the best I’ve ever attended. The general feel throughout the event was just electric and really highlighted the strength of the Minecraft Community. The game wouldn’t be what it is today without the tremendous support of the millions of fans. Not just the money they’ve put towards this game, but their continued interest and the sheer volume of time each and every one commits to playing, modding, recording, producing and experiencing the game.


Minecraft, I love you.

Here’s a creeper:



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